What We Do

small changes make BIG impact

Creating a Buzz

Rome wasn’t built in a day! To build eco-conscious communities, we are having conversations around sustainability — promoting eco-ventures, supporting eco-conservation initiatives, and advocating for environmental issues. 

Going Zero-waste

To help ease the transition towards sustainable living, we are gradually altering our habits. We are adopting sustainable practices as and when we can, at homes or offices with the 5R principle: Refuse, Reduce (downcycling), Reuse (upcycling), Rot (composting), Recycle. 

The journey towards sustainability is slow and steady
Informed choices are better than imposed beliefs

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Why stick to something boring and mundane when our planet has so much to offer? We are exploring all the options available for sustainable consumption. By making consistent, mindful choices every time we buy or discard something, we are saving our Earth.

The Team

Manasa Sai Sekar

Manasa has a background in engineering, operations, and supply-chain management. In 2019, she worked as a Business Consultant for an environmental startup. Currently, she consults with a firm empowering inclusive work spaces.

She is a microinfluencer who advocates for women empowerment, professional reading, arts, self-development, mindfulness, Indian artisanal products, gardening, and sustainability.

Deepa comes from a background of Psychology and Social Work. She worked in the Environment sector briefly before moving on to Human Resources and Digital Marketing.

As of 2020, Deepa consults for homepreneurs, small businesses, and brands belonging to the Sustainability industry. She enjoys music, research, and gardening in her free time.

Deepa Sai