Apurva Shinde

I work as an independent Non profit Organisation consultant on Environment, Health and Education and Livelihood with women,child,youth and elderly.


Ashaya is a social enterprise working on MLP, PET and polycotton wastes to convert them into customised products. The organisation aims to involve formal and informal waste management sector to provide financial empowerment to marginalised employees as well as bring sustainability to the waste management operations across India.

One for Blue

One for Blue creates clothing and accessories by upcycling textile waste and recycling PET plastic bottles to make fabric out of them. Their packaging is recyclable and reusuable as well. One for Blue aims to connect people with wildlife and nature through its products.


Parnashaad & Co. provides indoor & outdoor landscaping, garden installation and maintenance services.
The company also designs and sells green gifts for various occassions.

Ceiba Green Solutions

Ceiba is derived from the genus of the Indian red silk cotton tree also known as Semul or Indian kapok. It is said that the creator of the world, rested under the Semul tree after his labours were over. The for-profit social enterprise, based out of Bhubaneswar, commits to come up with plausible solutions andContinue reading “Ceiba Green Solutions”

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