Bagzilla, a brand owned by JV International, offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable shopping bags. Bagzilla was established in India in 2015, with offices now in Australia and the United States.

You want to reduce your impact on the planet, but not at a cost to your business? Not a problem, we’ve worked hard to source affordable custom printed Cotton Bags , Jute Bags , Canvas Bags , Non-Woven Bags without compromising our ethical values. We believe in making Bagzilla a suitable alternative for everyone, everywhere.

Whether you’re a multinational retailer, or a village off-licence, everyone can benefit from our highly competitive prices and bespoke service. We personalise the bags for every need. We manufacture eco-friendly cotton bags, jute bags , canvas bags , non-woven bags , paper bags .

We have our own sewing workshop and guarantee assistance in selecting the most suitable size, type and weight of fabric, and finishing details for your bags.

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