Apurva Shinde

Apurva works as an independent non-profit organisation consultant on environment, health and education and livelihood with women, child, youth, and elderly.

She is also a social traveller who travels with an aim of impacting local communities in India. She works as a facilitator to scale up the impact of NGOs and helps them connect with funders and sponsors for various social and environmental development projects.


Ashaya is a social enterprise that aims to increase the value of waste through technological and scientific innovations in recycling and then fairly redistribute that value to stakeholders in the supply chain, especially those who are the poorest: waste-pickers.

Currently we are working on converting multi-layered plastic (MLP), polycotton waste and Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste into high-quality 3D-printing filament which we will then use to 3D-print high-margin, customized products through rapid lab-to-market cycles.

On a macro level, our vision is more long-term and holistic, focused primarily on the well-being of the poorest in the supply chain (waste-pickers, kabbadiwalas), while ensuring that our planet thrives.

Our utopia would consist of decentralised “resource cradles” or recycling centres at the sub-district level across India that:

  1. upcycle all types of municipal solid waste,
  2. formalize and incorporate the informal sector, and
  3. are financially sustainable, mini-manufacturing units.


Naturefab is a clothing brand that manufactures performance apparels like tees, pajamas, leggings  and other products using bamboo fabric. Our aim is to provide you clothing made from softest fabric that will ever touch your skin. The fabric possesses many advantages over cotton and other fabrics.

Our Story

The simple, high-quality t-shirts that we could wear to work were surprisingly hard to find. The high end t-shirts were overpriced and over-designed. The simpler ones were just not up to the mark. And neither category offered us a really comfortable tee. There was just no ideal option. 

And in China we saw tees made from Bamboo fabric. We researched. We studied Bamboo, staple and yarn. We met people. We learned about production processes. We questioned. We asked how things could be done differently. And then we took the plunge. So we decided to create it. Seven months later, the classic ‘NatureFab Bamboo Tee’ was born. 

Our list of products include bamboo tees for men, women, polo t-shirts, leggings, joggers, yoga pants etc. Our products are available for purchase from our website.

One for Blue

ONEFORBLUE, i.e. Together For Earth, is a movement, its the coming together (being ONE) of young and adventurous citizens FOR united action to conserve the bio-diverse resources of the BLUE planet (earth).

ONEFORBLUE celebrates the beauty of our planet by changing the way we perceive it, and uniting to protect it. Why fashion? In our fast paced world, fashion is instant language, and what best way to use it, than to express our love for nature. Bringing together cool designs with a sense of purpose, our products give fashion a new meaning. Whether you select a stylish Tee or a trendy accessory, you will wear it with pride, as we take up efforts on your behalf towards making the planet a better place to live. How we do this? Simple! For every product you buy from us, we devote 20% of our profits towards wildlife conservation and habitat preservation, and keep you informed through regular updates. We partner grass-root level conservation organizations to protect various species. ONEFORBLUE is your highway to nature, and we welcome all explorers and nature enthusiasts to come and enjoy the ride with us. Don’t forget to bring your friends along on this exciting journey!

Our Products

  1. T-shirts (adults and kids) and Hoodies 
  2. Masks (adults and kids) 
  3. Bags & Wallets
  4. Tags & Holders
  5. Sleeves
  6. Pouches

All our packaging is recyclable and reusable and made of kraft paper. We have an additional Blue Loop policy that enables our customers to return their old OFB T-shirts for responsible disposal in return for store credit. Our products are available on our website, Amazon and Hopscotch.


Hello Conscious Changemakers! We at One for Blue are on a mission to redefine style to create an impact. We believe in embodying sustainability and zero waste through each step of the way to make conscious living affordable and accessible. Join us on this mission to make our planet a better habitat. Contact us at nitingera@oneforblue.com or monika@oneforblue.com


Parnashaad is a Sanskrit word for “Chlorophyll”.

Parnashaad & Co., established in 2019 in Mumbai, with a vision to take Greenery to the doorsteps across the country has transformed itself into an innovative, efficient and an extremely reliable GREENERY PARTNER to a large number of big and swanky corporate workplaces in India.

Our understanding of Workspace and Household Plantscaping is unmatched in the industry; and our products & solutions blend in the space as an integral part of the Interior Design.

We strongly believe that Greenery and Nature should be a cohesive unit of the workplace. It not only gives a fresh & lively outlook to a workplace; but also showers loads of health benefits to the workforce; which ultimately boosts their productivity & performance.

We are looking forward to get associated with valued partners like Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Channel Partners who believe in our vision of creating world class greenery in workplaces with tremendous passion, imagination and love towards Nature.

Our Services

Outdoor Landscaping

While indoor landscaping makes your workspaces creative and productive, grand landscaping outdoors provides your office premises or real estate a welcoming appeal.

Parnashaad offers outdoor landscaping with specially designed outdoor planters and plants with traditional landscaping components on the rooftops, balconies, corridors and galleries.


With the growing trend, we have coined an ambitious term ‘Indoorscaping’ that signifies ‘designed for you next-generation indoor landscaping simplified.’

Parnashaad provides end-to-end Indoorscaping services for all shapes and sizes of offices. Keeping in mind the essential workspace components we have designed planters, wall gardens, partition gardens and other artistic offerings for the offices.

Green Gifting

Give a gift that grows!

We have a wide range innovative and creative plant-based eco-friendly gifts which are customisable and personalized. These make the perfect gifts / return gift / favours for all the occasions. These live plant gifts are beautifully handmade, purposeful and pocket friendly.

Maintenance and Rental Plants:

We not only design and deploy but also maintain all the Landscaping. Under our AMC we provide plants on the rental basis starting from Rs.0/-.

Ceiba Green Solutions

Ceiba is derived from the genus of the Indian red silk cotton tree also known as Semul or Indian kapok. It is said that the creator of the world, rested under the Semul tree after his labours were over. The for-profit social enterprise, based out of Bhubaneswar, commits to come up with plausible solutions and initiatives to deal with the growing waste problem in the city.

We also have a training component called “Environmental Employee Engagement Workshops” for corporates, organizations and schools (across India) where we provide digital training on topics like waste management, segregation , composting, making bioenzymes, sustainable menstruation and also about Climate Change highlighting the founders Arctic Expedition experiences. These interactive workshops can be customized according to learning needs of the institution too. We have been associated with organizations like Zee Media, Amadeus Technologies, CRISIL Foundation  and UWe Bengaluru too.

We have an e-commerce platform (Ceiba Store) for curated single use plastic free, biodegradable, bulk and reusable products of everyday use. 

Our other products include home composting kits with all accessories to make it easy for people to take up home composting. These involve minimal fuss and mess and come with home compost bins, composting medium, instruction manual etc. 

We have also nascently started consulting on how to conduct zero waste events like marathons, parties/functions and how institutions can do their best to reduce their waste. 

Kaizen the Label


A slow fashion eco-conscious label, ‘Kaizen the label’ stands for all things fair, slow, and sustainable. ​Founded in Assam and working with local weavers and handloom organizations across the country we embrace the essence of Indian craftsmanship, eco-friendly elements, and conscious mindful living.

It is a “dream in progress” that aims to deal with sustainable practices of production and consumption, cherishing our roots and bringing Indian traditional techniques to our daily lifestyles by bridging gaps among craft communities & urban cultures.​

​KAIZEN means ‘continuous improvement’ or ‘change for better’ in Japanese. And isn’t that what we all want? Change for good in personal life and society. Therefore, “Kaizen”, as the name suggests- is the design, creation & business philosophy of the label, and every product is carefully designed and crafted with love and each piece is a handcrafted tale in itself!

Namrata Gohain, the founder & design head of the company aims to get Indian artisanal crafts and underdog sustainable natural textiles (eri silk, hemp, etc) a better market and bring dignity of labor to artisans of India.

Currently, she travels back & forth in between Mumbai & her hometown in Assam.
Along with running her label, she has been actively looking out and open to suitable opportunities and collaborations related to sustainable design and business. She is keen to broaden her skill sets, learn, and contribute her knowledge & talent to projects based on sustainability, artisanal crafts and conscious business & lifestyle.
Ecoprenuers interested to connect with her can reach out to her.

Good Graze

Constructed on the cornerstones of conscious consumption, preventive care, conservation practices and cultural preservation, the heart of Good Graze lies in the beautiful district of Sindhudurg, an eco-cultural gem in Maharashtra. Five generations, 170+ acres of land and an expansive coconut grove led to the culmination of a boutique, zero-waste concept cemented
on the ideology of quality and authenticity.

The founders deep-dove into a business model that would allow them to give back to their wonderful land, the people who associate with the land, and the culture that runs through their veins. The vision for the project was aimed at the conversation of the legacy of the ‘padekars’, the coconut pluckers, and the consequent upliftment of the local community.

After having consumed their regional produce at home for decades, Good Graze decided to present a clean
and honest coconut brand to the Indian subcontinent. For generations on end, Ayurveda has championed the
versatility of this superfood that simultaneously nourishes one’s gut, skin, and hair. A cold-pressed
coconut oil, coconut sugar and desiccated coconut are some of their introductory offerings, allowing consumers a chance to experience their range in a variety of forms.

Demarcated as one of the primary eco-sensitives zones in India, the care and upkeep of the estate are of grave
importance to them. Good Graze is at the apex of transparency and quality checks while advocating sustainable farming practices that are not only beneficial to the farmers but also replenish the land ethically.
Furthermore, it is surrounded by an expanse of natural spring water as part of their plantation which in turn
amplifies the quality of the yield consistently.

The coconut trees planted on the grove are of the oldest kind of variety, Banavali & Pratap, and also act as a
founding base to other hybrid varieties of the fruit. The constant use of spring water, the passionate upkeep of
the area, consistent rainfall in the region and mindful farming practises allow 2700 coconut trees to thrive year
on year. On average, a coconut palm in Sindhurdurg typically yields 100 coconuts per annum.

An authentic and traditional brand at both, product and heart, Good Graze combines the richness of the fruit
with the discipline of the yielding process, offering a new standard for pure, fresh and natural products to its

The Climapreneur™️ Show

The show brings to you values through stories of Climapreneurs — Entrepreneurs driving Climate Action. These are stories of Climapreneurs who are living their passion every day. The stories will hold your hand and help you in your path. They will ignite in you, the motivation and inspiration and above all, give you the courage to follow your dreams.

These are stories of people who are spreading love and kindness and creating solutions. They are embracing climate change challenges as opportunities and driving Climate Action.

Every episode will motivate you to live your dream, take small steps every day, and embrace challenges. Embrace them the way Climapreneurs do. The journey isn’t easy but yes, this is a journey you will want to fall in love with and one that is worth taking. 

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