Venuza Enterprise Private Limited was started by a team of energetic engineers who are passionate about renewable energy to solve the issue of energy starvation and help reduce energy usage with improved engineering solutions.

Venuza has a long-term plan of extending the verticals in all possible forms of Sustainability.

For us, it is not just a company client
relationship it is a partnership that
we enter to help conserve the
Our team of experts are ready to
identify your needs, evaluate the
options you have and successfully
implement the projects to save your


  1. Residential and commercial plan sets
  2. Professional Engineering (PE) Stamp
  3. Preliminary Solar Designs
  4. Shading and Production reports
  5. Lead Generation
  6. Digital Marketing services
  7. BOM and Procurement services
  • EV Charging W/O Solar: We can provide the consultation and Installation service for EV charging stations. 
  • Solar PV Training: We are providing training services to the youths, Basic training will be given for free to the students.
  • Solar PV EPC: We can help the home/business owners in saving their electricity bills and saving the environment with our Solar PV solution at their premises. 
  • Solar PV Dealership: Along with Solar PV components, we also deal with Solar Products like Solar Water heaters, Solar Street Light, Solar Cooker and Solar Dryer.

Sustainable India

As a CRS Activity, we are Helping other sustainable businesses to overcome the challenges they are facing.


We are Mumbai-based start-up that provides eco-friendly, plastic free, Made in India products across categories. In packaging our products, we use minimum or no-plastic material at all. Many times we re-use the packaging material that is already available to deliver to our customers keeping in mind love for the environment all the time.

Our journey has started with an objective to create a planet where we co-exist with another 8.7 million species, with the aim to create awareness about how change in our lifestyle and slowing our consumption can reduce burden on the natural resources, with the mission to provide a legacy of rich soil, clean earth and ocean to our next generation so a life can continue to thrive.

We have had enough of plastic & it is time that we together re-think about every choice that we make while shopping. We are here to provide you with better alternatives that this planet will adore.

A tiny step by each one of us can make huge difference so let us take that one action that will make this earth better place and also continue to inspire others as well.

We believe in slow fashion and inspire our consumers to shop mindfully & not impulsively!

Join our WhatsApp group to know about latest updates on our products and related offers and free sustainability tips.


Homegrown. Sustainable. Gender-neutral.

The overture of KiRu was back at university where Krithika and
Ruchika met first. They decided to create a brand together because of their similar style sensibility and varied interest in design. KiRu expands to the words ‘Kindness is (a)’round us’.

Our vision is to lead the movement of sustainable, homegrown
gender fluid streetwear in the Indian market while simultaneously
spreading our uncommon blend of culture and style internationally.

We aim to appease the mix of gen Y.2 and gen Z to take a step
in building a better future for themselves and those to come

We currently have gender-fluid clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products in our inventory.

KiRu Kala Upakaram (KKU)

Our partners at the Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra(Karnataka) and the Desi Trust(Karnataka) that house about 5000 Lambani women that belong to Charaka weaver’s cooperative society. The women have carried forward their traditional hand embroidery and jewellery till this date.

 Sandur is the starting point of our craft map and we will be further expanding to various crafts of India

Hemp & U

Hemp & U sells CBD oil and supplements for anxiety and pain relief as well as to boost immunity. The products are pet-friendly as well.

Our hemp is sourced from Oregon, USA which is known for its fertile soil, perfect climate and best in class hemp production. Our products are pure and vegan.

We provide pure CBD without fillers or additives, which is absorbed 5 times faster and 70 percent more than usual CBD, thanks to nanotechnology. You can obtain all of the life-changing advantages of CBD without wasting any of it, and all of it with zero THC.


  1. CBD oil for anxiety management
  2. CBD oil for pain management
  3. CBD Gummies

Eco Deco

Eco Deco manufactures eco-boards made from recycled plastic. These boards are then used to make products in the home decor/interior category.

We convert the post-consumer discarded plastic into these beautiful plastic panels that are further utilized in a variety of

We also provide waste plastic pickup service within Delhi NCR from individuals and housing societies. We are soon going to connect with businesses also that generate a lot of plastic waste but don’t have any such source to give their plastic waste for better utility.

Our mission is to increase the global recycling rate through our products and promotion of recycled products in high-end designing while upholding the value of sustainability in our efforts.

Product Categories

  • Decor (Planters, clocks etc)
  • Furnishings (Indoor and outdoor furniture)
  • Utility (Shelves, dustbins, desk organizers, coasters etc)

We are looking for collaborations from businesses/brands:

  • who have a sustainable product selling platform for our product listing
  • who want to give us their plastic waste.
  • who are into a plastic waste pickup in other parts of India, as we get a lot of requests from all around so we want to collaborate on this with other entities at the earliest.

Think Earth

Our father has been a great inspiration in our life. From a very early age, he believed strongly in creating an impact and doing good for our society. He always thought about the bigger picture and so understood the harm that plastic creates in our day to day life.
Due to which, he started a plastic recycling business back in 1980, which was his way of dealing with waste. We too supported his cause and joined his business wholeheartedly.

Co-founder Richa
Co-founder Shivani

Looking at the drastic climatic change and negative impact it was causing on our mother nature, we soon realized simply recycling is not enough. We needed to altogether replace it and find an alternative.

We started our intensive research and found that plastic is immensely causing a negative impact on humans, wildlife, flora fauna, causing hazardous health issues and most importantly being one of the major reasons for climate change.

After understanding the urgency, necessity and as a duty of human mankind. We decided to come up with an initiative to create zero waste products which are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Taking a step further we sisters, Richa & Shivani, at Think Earth have started a Eco-friendly lifestyle solution in the home & hospitality sector.

We cater to retail outlets as well but our prime focus is to provide affordable switches at B2B level to create long lasting impact. This is our way to eradicate waste. We believe in creating an EcoSystem which is sustainable and has zero waste.

We aspire to set a future trend and ensure everyone understands the importance of using these products and feel responsible to save our


  • Create a zero waste environment and provide affordable switch in tableware market
  • Build Sustainable dining + kitchen experience globally
  • Co-exist and give back to nature
  • Support farmers, artisans, small industries and NGOs

Sustainable Earthlings

Sustainable Earthlings is a budding startup in Hyderabad, founded by two eco-enthusiasts who strive everyday to reduce their negative impacts on the environment. They want to bring a new dimension to the household (consumer white goods) e-waste collection and management system in Hyderabad, which is becoming more crucial owing to the rapid digitalization, by introducing a ‘pay with your e-waste’ model for eco-friendly products.

Having faced hiccups initially while adapting to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, due to the low reach of sustainable alternatives in the mainstream, they aim to make these products more affordable and accessible to everyone. 

Sustainable earthlings is a platform for community e-waste collection campaigns with ‘pay with your e-waste model’, and also free resources for anyone who wants to dispose their e-waste responsibly or start their sustainability journey in Hyderabad. As an early stage startup, it plans to build an e-commerce site for sustainable products where users can pay with their e-waste.

Check out the website to know more about the e-waste problem and to find out your nearest e-waste recyclers, collectors, and pickup services in Hyderabad for free. They also share other resources and ideas to practice sustainable living in your life! 
They are also looking for zero-waste logistics services and local eco-products suppliers in Hyderabad. Any collaborations/ discussions with volunteers and eco-enthusiasts are also welcome!

Watermark Sustainability Foundation

WSF is a group of Sustainability, Environmental & MEP design consultants based in Pune,
Maharashtra. WSF has a strong track record & international tie-ups for various types of projects. Eco Electrotech Solutions is our MEP consulting division.

We introduce ourselves as a consultancy firm in Sustainability & Environment. The firm aims at high quality Sustainability Research Reports, Environmental Research / Compliances / Liaising & Plumbing Design. While doing so we will achieve adherence to latest standards, laws and regulations addressing modern methods and materials. At the same time Economy
and Quality shall be achieved keeping in Environmental Conservation.

Core Expertise

  • Environmental consulting & Environmental clearance services
  • Sustainable MEP Design Solutions
  • MEP Execution
  • Sewage Treatment Plans / Wastewater Solutions
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Green Building Solutions
  • Solid Waste / Bio-medical waste management
  • Circular Economy Consulting
  • MPCB Liaising and Consulting

Yellow Haze

Yellow Haze Sustainable Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2018 with a simple of motto of working towards improving sustainability. Yellow Haze started its humble journey as a renewable energy consultancy assisting individuals, business & industries to switch to more sustainable solar power. In course of two years, the company has expanded its footprint from solar to other sustainability related fields such as food waste to biogas, waste to CBG, solar for process heating.

Solar Power Services: Yellow Haze provides custom solar power solutions from domestic to commercial & industrial clients. We have both pay-as you go model (OPEX based) & one-time payment model (CAPEX based).

The innovative pay-as-you-go model helps commercial & industrial clients to switch to cheaper, greener solar power without incurring any upfront capital costs. Further, entire project from concept to commissioning & then running is ensured by our team and so consumer has no liability or project risks.  The consumer offers space for solar plant installation & in return receives rights to purchase solar electricity at discounted price.

Solar Asset Management: For end-consumers as well as partners, yellow haze provides solar asset management services – minimizing solar power plant downtime & extending project life through timely cleaning cycles & planned preventive maintenance activities.

Solar Thermal: Yellow Haze Sustainable provides Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) based solutions that are useful for medium and high temperatures required for various applications in industries, commercial establishments & institutions.

Food Waste to Biogas: In 2021, Yellow Haze through its EPC partner has also started delivering custom made Food Waste to Biogas solution. Institutions like residential schools, colleges, medical academic institutions, hospitals, NGO’s, hotels, companies that have institutional setup of mess (cafeteria’s) can utilise their uncooked & cooked food waste to generate bio-gas that can be used as substitute for cooking LPG gas.

Zero Liquid Discharge: Yellow Haze sustainable is also working towards creating a zero liquid discharge system for industrial clients, which enables industrial effluent for absolute recycling of permeate and converting solute (dissolved organic and in-organic compounds/salts) into residue in the solid form by adopting method of concentration and thermal evaporation though solar.

Travel Slow

Go Slow. Follow Nature.

Travel Slow promotes a slow movement that embraces immersive, authentic and connected travel experiences. Intrepid travelers who are forced to join large groups can now get a curated travel plan or get connected directly to reliable local guides. We help travelers pick their own trail rather than a standard itinerary. We also organize curated trips for like minded people. Our purpose is to promote a sustainable travel that is beneficial both to the traveler and the local community.

Seema Poovaiah is a Lawyer turned Mountaineer; she hails from Coorg in South India. Seema is a BMC certified Mountaineer, graduated from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. Seema has spent extensive time collaborating with the local community, has explored hidden trails in the Himalayan range, she has trekked solo across the Bramhagiri and Pushpagiri range in the Western Ghat.

Seema has summited few high altitude peaks in the Himalayan region, well travelled across south east Asia and Australia she is constantly pushing her boundaries. She is a nature lover and believes in preserving the natural beauty of the valley and the peaks.

Put away your smart phone,

Stop and drink coffee with the local

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