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It all begins with us! Initially, just like everyone else, we were oblivious about how we were either directly or indirectly contributing to all the destruction of our planet. My father always said, ‘Be needy never greedy’. True to those words, we have always consciously thought about things we could do — just small alterations in our lifestyle — that could lead to huge changes in saving our natural resources.

Did you know that a 30-second hand wash would use up about 4 litres of fresh water if the tap is on? So, keep the tap closed while scrubbing. Simple solution, right?

But, what do you do with something like plastic on which we’re all so heavily dependent? An average person in India uses 11 kg of plastic per year which goes into our land fills and oceans. There is no simple solution to this but we could start somewhere to address this issue.

So, we started being conservative(Reduce) in using products that came in plastic containers. To our agony, plastic containers were still piling up at home. The other choice was Refuse (which goes without saying is next to impossible where we live).
Solution? Reuse! And that’s where B.Y.O.B India was born.

Our mission in B.Y.O.B India is simple. We want to create an alternative to single-use plastic by refilling your used containers with organic, toxic-free, vegan and bio-friendly products. And, what if you don’t want anything to do with plastic? We use glass bottles!

To encourage customers to reuse, reduce and eventually restrain from using plastic, B.Y.O.B India has created a refilling station. People can refill their used containers with the most mindfully-sourced, sustainable cleaning products.

Come visit us!

Store Location: #7, Narayanswami layout, Kodigehalli Main Road, Thindlu, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560097

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