Sustainability marketing: Out with the Old, In with the Green

Unveiling the Power of Sustainable Marketing! From eco-friendly branding to corporate responsibility, explore how businesses are shaping a greener tomorrow. Dive into our latest article for insights on sustainability trends, eco-conscious strategies, and the road to a more environmentally aware world.

Reimagining AI-generated Imagery for the Sustainability Space

Pixelgen has been a game-changer for me at ecoHQ! It’s like having a creative companion in the sustainability space. With Pixelgen, I effortlessly whip up unique, copyright-free images for my niche content. Teaming up with Akilesh has been a treat, and the AI magic Pixelgen brings to the table is mind-blowing. Shoutout to the Pixelgen crew for making it user-friendly—it’s my go-to for turning abstract ideas into striking visuals. I was right to place my bets on Pixelgen as the first beta-user and I am planning to collaborate with Pixelgen to create innovate palettes for sustainability conservations and climate action advocacy!

COP 28: Charting the Course for Change?

Conference of the Parties, COP, are the meetings held annually under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 1995. How does it help? Now, we already know about all this, and we also know COP28 will be held from November 30 to December 12 this year. And the host country is Dubai!Continue reading “COP 28: Charting the Course for Change?”

Explained In 500:  Tuvalu, Sinking Into the Internet

Soon, a nation of climate refugees may trace their way home to nothing but a screen.I read some sea science and policy so you don’t have to. Here’s the gist: As you sow? Climate change discriminates.● Sea levels don’t rise uniformly; some countries are at a greater risk. Tuvalu faces rates significantly higher than the global averageContinue reading “Explained In 500:  Tuvalu, Sinking Into the Internet”

Go Green for a Sustainable Tomorrow!

The world is facing the biggest threat of all time: the climate crisis. And India is focussing on finding a solution to the problem. Being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India has tackled the climate crisis efficiently while supporting 17% of the population, which is commendable. Under the Indian presidency, the recentlyContinue reading “Go Green for a Sustainable Tomorrow!”

Climate Migration: A Growing Crisis We Cannot Ignore

Certainly! The article highlights the growing concern of climate migration, where millions of people are forced to leave their homes due to the impacts of climate change. It emphasizes the urgency of the issue, citing statistics from the latest IPCC assessment predicting that 143 million people will have to abandon their homes in the next 30 years. The article showcases real-life stories, such as migrants from Pakistan and India, who have suffered due to climate-related disasters. It also emphasizes the disproportionate impact on vulnerable regions like Africa and calls for global action, both in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing legal protections for climate refugees. Ultimately, the article emphasizes the need for widespread advocacy and civic action to push for meaningful change and multilateral solutions to address this pressing issue.

Changing Mindsets, Changing Worlds: Turning Waste to Value through Upcycling

Discover the transformative power of Upcycling from the perspectives of both businesses and consumers. Witness how this sustainable method is changing the world by turning waste into something spectacular.

Exploring Biophilic design: A Concept for Making Sustainable Buildings

Biophilic design blends human innovation with the natural world to create sustainable living spaces. It incorporates natural elements like wood, plants, and natural views, fostering well-being, productivity, and sustainability. Singapore’s Kampung Admiralty is a prime example of biophilic design, where a harmonious blend of residential units, medical facilities, shops, and community spaces creates a self-sustained ecosystem where residents can access essential services while remaining deeply connected to nature. Embracing biophilic design can help us create a sustainable future for ourselves and the planet we call home.

The G20 2023 Summit at India

This weekend, India is hosting the 18th G20 Summit 2023, themed ‘One Earth – One Family -One Future’, with a clear message glaring right back at us: Sustainability!
Of course, we also have prioritised climate finance, green development, UN’s SDGs and low-carbon technologies for the agenda.

I have done a quick analysis of the G20 countries on aspects like history of pollution, colonisation, fossil-fuel dependency, renewable energy capacity etc.
We could scrutinise these countries from various vantage points however a few issues stick out: the urgent need for equitable development, affected parties in the frontline to have more decision-making power and finally — the need for corrective action and less of hypocrisy by the ones who’ve committed heinous crimes.