Ceiba Green Solutions

Ceiba is derived from the genus of the Indian red silk cotton tree also known as Semul or Indian kapok. It is said that the creator of the world, rested under the Semul tree after his labours were over. The for-profit social enterprise, based out of Bhubaneswar, commits to come up with plausible solutions and initiatives to deal with the growing waste problem in the city.

We also have a training component called “Environmental Employee Engagement Workshops” for corporates, organizations and schools (across India) where we provide digital training on topics like waste management, segregation , composting, making bioenzymes, sustainable menstruation and also about Climate Change highlighting the founders Arctic Expedition experiences. These interactive workshops can be customized according to learning needs of the institution too. We have been associated with organizations like Zee Media, Amadeus Technologies, CRISIL Foundation  and UWe Bengaluru too.

We have an e-commerce platform (Ceiba Store) for curated single use plastic free, biodegradable, bulk and reusable products of everyday use. 

Our other products include home composting kits with all accessories to make it easy for people to take up home composting. These involve minimal fuss and mess and come with home compost bins, composting medium, instruction manual etc. 

We have also nascently started consulting on how to conduct zero waste events like marathons, parties/functions and how institutions can do their best to reduce their waste. 

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