How we started Conscience Nook

Believers in the fact that every individual can make an impact, we are two friends, Shreyas Narain and Vanya Gangwar, who’ve always wanted to do something in the space of sustainability and finding alternatives and solutions to present systems.
In the past months, there was only a will. A will to do more for the beautiful and soulful nature that surrounds us. This led us to gather more information and making ourselves more aware of the impact our actions had on our environment.
What started as just an idea soon began to formulate itself by the powers vested in us by the big vast universe. Our journey to reaching out to the core of our own consciousness has given birth to this beautiful venture.
We are grateful to have all people in our community on this journey with us, as we explore and love our surroundings more and find ways to keep it safe.

Our aim with ConscienceNook is to make alternatives to a plastic-free life more readily available for people. To collaborate with businesses with the same vision, who are trying to make a difference in this world with their efforts, and provide them a platform to do so through the medium of our website, is a goal we work towards every day. We want to make ConscienceNook a place where each product is thoughtfully curated, with sustainability at the core and fair practices behind sourcing it.

Our Services and Products

Currently, at ConscienceNook our aim is to spread awareness and knowledge through the medium of our social media handles and the blogs on our website. Apart from this we have three permanent products currently on our website: Our Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Tongue Cleaner and Pack of 100% Pure Copper Straws. At Conscience Nook we are aiming to bring new alternatives to people to allow them to make the transition to a conscious lifestyle. We also recently collaborated with an NGO supporting women artisans, Sewa Ruaab, that allowed us to get closer to our goal of supporting the makers of the products, closer.

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