We connect businesses to vendors, service providers, and other organisations to solve various challenges like lack of awareness and adoption of sustainability-related solutions. Our paid consultations include:

  1. Awareness and advocacy programs
  2. Waste collection drives & donation drives
  3. CSR and CER projects
  4. Sustainability consultation for businesses & individuals
  5. Webinars and workshops with SMEs and Key opinion leaders
  6. One-on-one mentorship for businesses
  7. Content solutions providing advocacy, sensitisation and awareness on sustainability-related topics
  8. B2B introductions and connects
  9. Product distribution opportunities

Please note that each of the services mentioned and other special consulting projects will be offered by our team keeping social and environmental impact in mind. The requests from businesses for consultation should align with the SDGs as well. We will review your requests and get in touch with you.

Please send out your proposals to

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