Did You Say Kabaad

My name is Saniya Malhotra. I am an architecture student and I run a sustainable lifestyle blog on Instagram called @Didyousaykabaad.

The basic aim of the blog is to bring the concept of zero-waste, low impact sustainable lifestyle into your lives. The best way to do that is reducing our waste and carbon footprint.

I try to promote a more sustainable lifestyle through my blog, Instagram takeover webinars, and workshops. The intent is to give out sustainability tips, eco-friendly product swaps, and recycling hacks, that will help change your lifestyle, without changing your life (if you get what I mean)!

Confused about how to lead a low impact life and give back? Follow me to begin your sustainable journey today!


If you’re a small business looking to improve your packaging in a greener direction contact me right away! Let’s save the planet together.

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