Hey, I am Divya. Words and Environment are my two interests. Sometimes I give them individual attention and sometimes I mix it up! Living a conscious and simple life is my motto. I am happy to involve and motivate more people to lead a sustainable lifestyle. I believe a zero-waste life should not be expensive. I want to work towards normalizing green living. Everybody can start an eco-conscious life and everything they do, no matter how small or big, counts. We are all interdependent and our actions, no matter how small, matters more than we can imagine. 

Check out my blog on Sustainability!


I run a small online store, Dee for Earth! Enjoy shopping your Green essentials there!


There is so much more to do. When we get together, the possibilities are endless. I am open for collaborations with like minded people. If you want to get in touch with me, please drop an email!

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