Hello fellow earthling! I’m Sharayu, a Chemistry graduate as well as a sustainability and trekking enthusiast. The spiritual and emotional learnings gained from the Himalayas, and the not-so-surprising rejuvenation of nature due to lockdown, persuaded me into becoming an environmentalist.

I’m an ardent supporter of environmental sustainability, and hence, I transformed my lifestyle and began with my project: – a domain where I promote sustainability and feature eco-creativity. Through my website and Instagram profile, I try to highlight and educate my audience about actions, people, brands, and communities that are environmentally conscious.

I aim to create awareness and influence people to be more responsible for our planet, all of this by projecting modesty and optimism. When it comes to our planet, I’m a “stubborn optimist” and, I believe you should be too.

Come, join me, and together, we’ll explore how to live sustainably and be a modest environmentalist!

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