We are Mumbai-based start-up that provides eco-friendly, plastic free, Made in India products across categories. In packaging our products, we use minimum or no-plastic material at all. Many times we re-use the packaging material that is already available to deliver to our customers keeping in mind love for the environment all the time.

Our journey has started with an objective to create a planet where we co-exist with another 8.7 million species, with the aim to create awareness about how change in our lifestyle and slowing our consumption can reduce burden on the natural resources, with the mission to provide a legacy of rich soil, clean earth and ocean to our next generation so a life can continue to thrive.

We have had enough of plastic & it is time that we together re-think about every choice that we make while shopping. We are here to provide you with better alternatives that this planet will adore.

A tiny step by each one of us can make huge difference so let us take that one action that will make this earth better place and also continue to inspire others as well.

We believe in slow fashion and inspire our consumers to shop mindfully & not impulsively!

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