Forestkraft is an artisanal home decor and gifting venture by Shalu Walia. We use dried flowers and other beautiful forest blooms like pine cones, fruits and pods to create exquisite products for gifting and home decoration.

What Makes Our Products Special

  • Handcrafted with love!
    • Each piece is carefully handcrafted and great attention is given to detail and finishing in order to give our customers a distinctly superior product.
  • Green is the new Black!
    • Across the world, customers are shifting towards green products made using sustainable and eco-conscious materials.
  • All our products are organic and natural.
    • Earthy textures, foresty feels, floral aromas . . . all come together to style our customer’s home. This is our little way of bringing the outdoors indoors and adding a bit of natural beauty into your space and also your gifts.


  • Handmade baskets
  • Candlestands
  • Centrepieces
  • Door and wall hangings
  • Windchimes

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