Deepa Sai comes from a background of Psychology, Social Work, Human Resources and Communications. She has worked in the sectors of disability, child rights, children with special needs, mental health, oncology, neurology, substance dependence, community development, solid waste management, disaster response and more.

Deepa Sai(representing Youth ExNoRa International in 2011) organised an exposure visit for the French Trade Commission to showcase solid waste management projects, Organic Farming models out of bio-waste and a bio-gas plant made from solid waste at Pammal, Chennai

She worked in the Social & Environmental Advocacy sector in between 2007 and 2013 briefly before moving on to Human Resources and Content Marketing. Even during her other stints, she spearheaded environment-based CSR activities at various organisations. She was also a volunteer of disaster & crisis management taskforce teams with NGOs & Government officials between 2014 and 2020. She extended content and strategy services (pro bono) to Shuddha & Youth ExNoRa International.

Deepa launched ecoHQ in 2020 to improve transparency and traceability in the conscious consumption space and facilitate strategic collaborations wherever possible to amplify the efforts of entrepreneurs, professionals and activists who are working with challenges surrounding advocacy and solution adoption in the sustainability space.

Deepa with NEWS-SCNIC NGO who worked on child rights and education at Thiruthangal, Sivakasi in 2009

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