Hemp Fabric Lab

Hemp Fabric Lab or HFL is one-stop shop for designers and creators to buy hemp fabrics, hemp yarns and hemp fibres from. We want to create an ecosystem where brands, designers, consumers, researchers and students can learn about hemp and ultimately create products that not only look good but don’t burden our planet as well.

At Hemp Fabric Lab we are dedicated to providing 100% hemp fabric and blends with other sustainable fibres like organic cotton, Tencel, wool, silk, yak hair, nettle, bamboo and even recycled polyester. 

Our vision is to become the foremost players in the hemp textile industry in India and create an ecosystem for designers, consumers and innovators to come together in a collaborative spirit and find interesting new ways to use hemp.

Being a product of BOHECO, our mission is to educate people about the wonders of hemp and banish any myths surrounding it. We want hemp to be the No.1 fabric option for brands, designers and consumers because aside from being a far more sustainable option than most natural fibres, it’s also a great USP for any brand to have. 

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