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Conscious consumers understand that most of the fast-furniture flooding the market today is used for a short time and discarded quickly, because of cheap materials and low quality. This is hardly sustainable for our planet in the long run.

Igloo Studio was born out of a desire to create sustainable and long-lasting furniture that is unique, and not mass-produced. Our products are all handcrafted, made from sustainably-sourced materials, built to last a long time and can also be recycled.

Since we use wood that is sourced from demolished old wooden structures as well as FSC-certified wood, our products are a great sustainable choice for your home. Moreover, our furniture is sturdy, as it is made from solid, high-quality, seasoned wood that has stood the test of time.

We also encourage you to grow plants in your home with the help of our Altai range of planter stands. 

Our products have a minimalist, elegant aesthetic style that can complement your home decor effortlessly. We at Igloo Studio believe in creating premium and beautiful products that are sustainable to produce, use and recycle. Last, but not the least, no plastic packaging is used to ship our products. Join us in our journey of creating conscious design solutions for a more sustainable future.

  • Canaima Cube Table
  • Ordesa Round Side Table
  • Bohol Seating Stool
  •  Altai Premium Planter Stands ( tall, mid and large sizes)
  • Reisa Square Wooden Tray
  • Gargano Round Coffee Table

Watch out for more product launches from us!

We are open for meaningful collaborations; please send out an email to get in touch with us. 

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