Infinite X

Infinite X is India’s first circular and sustainable fashion marketplace. It hosts multiple sustainable fashion brands with values like zero waste, organic cotton, handcrafted, fair trade, etc., across different apparel categories.

It is committed to circular fashion, therefore it takes back every clothing sold from its platform. To facilitate the same, it provides super smooth and  return process with free doorstep pickup while also rewarding customers on every clothing they return post usage, for their contribution towards  a greener earth. Infinite X exists to accelerate fashion industries’ transition towards circular and sustainable future. 

How we started Infinite X?

We are three graduates from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kashipur.

While pursuing our MBA we fell in love with the idea of circular economy, therefore under the guidance of Prof. Vaibhav Bhamoria, we decided to research on implications of circular economy on Indian fashion industry.  Our study ended with amazing insights across fashion value chain. Infinite X is an outcome of detailed analysis of those insights.

We are extremely passionate about the idea of the world where nothing goes to waste. We believe that we can drive the fashion industry  towards a circular and sustainable future.

What is in it for brands?

Firstly, we  would like to thank all the brands who are working in the sustainable fashion space since they are spearheading this Green transition towards a better future.

We are here to help brands in their mission. We understand their problems and are empathetic about their needs.

That brings us to our offerings:

  • Super simple pricing policy
  • Brand-friendly return policy
  • Human-assisted and free onboarding
  • Individual brand page right on the home page of the website to create and sustain individual brand identity
  • Circular branding
  • Access to a wider set of sustainable consumer base

What is in it for sustainable fashion consumers?

We want to make sustainable fashion effortless, accessible, and non-compromising for everyone.

Consumers  get:

  • One stop shop: Access to multiple trustable sustainable fashion brands at the  one stop.
  • Wide Range: Access to hundreds of products to choose from in each category
  • Convenience: Free doorstep pickups for used clothing after years of usage
  • Incentives: Exciting rewards in exchange of used clothing
  • Satisfaction: Reduced carbon footprint for consuming fashion leads to satisfaction of doing your bit

At Infinite X, we are a young team of extremely motivated individuals passionate towards the cause. We are always learning, experimenting, and building.

We are keen to listen to your views, feedback, suggestions, etc. Write to us at or ping us at +91 6354998879 (WhatsApp)

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