Muskan Agrawal, the founder of JIJIVISHA is a botanical dyer. The brand is rooted in the belief that the beauty of nature should be preserved, enjoyed and shared with others whenever possible.

At JIJIVISHA, we believe in producing thoughtful, limited quantities. Our creations are chic and ethical as the same time. We aspire to stand up for environment. Once we understand what fast fashion leaves behind, the misery it brings to the people and environment,  sustainability will be an easy choice.

Our products are non-toxic, hand-crafted, nature-inspired, zero waste and dyed naturally.

They are good for the nature and gentle for your body.

Natural dyeing is a beautiful intersection of art and science, of discovery and creation. This company is the labor of love and consciousness.

Collections: scrunchies, hair ties, sling bags, pouches, ear rings, handbags, Dupattas, and Kaftans.

All India Delivery.

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