Kaizen the Label


A slow fashion eco-conscious label, ‘Kaizen the label’ stands for all things fair, slow, and sustainable. ​Founded in Assam and working with local weavers and handloom organizations across the country we embrace the essence of Indian craftsmanship, eco-friendly elements, and conscious mindful living.

It is a “dream in progress” that aims to deal with sustainable practices of production and consumption, cherishing our roots and bringing Indian traditional techniques to our daily lifestyles by bridging gaps among craft communities & urban cultures.​

​KAIZEN means ‘continuous improvement’ or ‘change for better’ in Japanese. And isn’t that what we all want? Change for good in personal life and society. Therefore, “Kaizen”, as the name suggests- is the design, creation & business philosophy of the label, and every product is carefully designed and crafted with love and each piece is a handcrafted tale in itself!

Namrata Gohain, the founder & design head of the company aims to get Indian artisanal crafts and underdog sustainable natural textiles (eri silk, hemp, etc) a better market and bring dignity of labor to artisans of India.

Currently, she travels back & forth in between Mumbai & her hometown in Assam.
Along with running her label, she has been actively looking out and open to suitable opportunities and collaborations related to sustainable design and business. She is keen to broaden her skill sets, learn, and contribute her knowledge & talent to projects based on sustainability, artisanal crafts and conscious business & lifestyle.
Ecoprenuers interested to connect with her can reach out to her.

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