Last Forest Enterprises

Last Forest is a sustainable marketplace for indigenous products curated from the local communities.

For the au courant who are seeking aesthetic, eco-friendly, and socially-responsible solutions, Last Forest provides an unparalleled experience of handcrafted, original and curated choices.

We are based in Kotagiri in the heart of Nilgiris. We follow fair trade and sustainable harvesting principles, and improve biodiversity in the region.

We work with about 50 communities in 150 villages to empower them financially. All their produce is sold on our online portal and through 150 outlets across India. We own 3 stores in the Nilgiris.


  • Gourmet: groceries, honey, spices, herbs, millet, coffee, tea, jams, and pickles, staples, and cooking oils
  • Homeware: essential oils, kitchen ware, diningware, and serveware
  • Personal Care: beeswax products (balms, candles, soaps, and lip balms, and Shikakai)
  • Fashion: stoles, winter wear, and shirts
  • Accessories: Toda Embroidery bags, wallets, purses, and pouches
  • Decor: wall hangings
  • Lifestyle: books, gift vouchers

Last Forest Annual Report 2019-2020

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