Lily & The Wonder Women

Lily and the Wonder Women, a social initiative started by Shaswati Sengupta, sells eco-friendly upcycled products. Our organisation mainly works with post production waste textile and make soft toys which we call as ‘Wonder Buddies’.

This is a social initiative that aims to provide sustainable livelihood to the crime affected women in Kannaginagar, Chennai, India.

Kannaginagar, where our women live and where we work, is a criminal area with narcotics menace and hide outs. Lot of our women had re-started their lives by making soft toys and wire basket bags for a dignified livelihood.

Our initiative also supports the school education for the children at risk as the juvenile rates are very high in that area. 

Our products are sustainable, bespoke, handmade and eco-conscious.


We make wire basket bags, pouches, journals, home decors like cushion covers/bunting but majorly focusing on soft toys.

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