Marichi the name denotes ‘the ray of light’ and is derived from one of the sons of Brahma .

After a brief research, Chetna, an eco-enthusiast, started this business of handcrafted beeswax candles which are natural air purifiers.

The Pots are hand crafted by master craftsmen on the potters wheel. We as Marichi have launched 2 product lines viz. URVI and AGNI

URVI (Earth)

This line of candles is based on BEESWAX. These are hand poured in handcrafted Terracotta pots made on the potters wheel by master craftsmen. These are purely natural candles which, in fact,  on burning help cleanse the air of pollutants. Fragrances like Patchouli, Oud etc., have been carefully selected.

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