We are thankful to our advisers for mentoring us with business strategy, helping us with quick consultations even when have they been strapped for time. We wish them well in their future endeavours!

Arasi Arul

Ms. Arasi Arul is an energetic, detail-oriented and efficient individual having over 15 years of experience in General Administration, Personnel Management, Marketing & Sales and Customer Service.

She’s a serial entrepreneur, founder of 60plusIndia, and creator of Zha Café and Chisel Factor. Having won the acclaimed Tamil Youth Icon Award in 2012, she has a keen understanding of hard work, goal orientation, flexibility and resourcefulness. 

Dhaval Kaku

Mr. Dhaval Kaku is a Startup Ecosystem enabler who began his journey as an entrepreneur himself. His first venture, music-tech brand GrungeTech, won several accolades including an award at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad.

Over the years, he has been actively involved with startup innovation, incubation and mentorship programs. He’s also an advisor to the Centre for Cyber and Information Security, a national think tank alongside heading operations at The Hackers Meetup.

Gautham Rk

Mr. Gautam Rk has worn several hats during his career spanning 30 years – author, architect, project manager, technology evangelist and sustainability professional. He has also worked in several capacities, sometimes executing projects, other times teaching and training. For over a decade, he has been associated with Green and Smart Building projects. He’s also an IGBC Accredited Professional, currently leading the Sustainability initiatives at Cushman & Wakefield, India. 

Ajinkya Chikte

Mr. Ajinkya Chikte is the Director of Strategic Marketing at rePurpose Global where he works in the areas of marketing, design and sustainability. He strives to make participation in sustainable innovations accessible, affordable and convenient for a global shift to a better, cleaner world.

During the lockdown of 2020, he founded Lockdown Hero to provide on-ground support to those displaced and in need of medical aid. With a decade of digital content experience, he has created and monetized content campaigns for brands across industries. 

Anand Duraiswamy

Dr. Anand Duraiswamy is a biochemist and constantly aspiring researcher, on the lookout for solutions to make lives better. With over a decade of experience in the field of Science, he has amassed unique insights through first-hand observations.

He has worked on remarkable projects with leading scientific and medicine organizations. Dr. Anand has also imparted knowledge to young learners through subject and curriculum mapping for eLearning. Currently, he’s working as Senior Scientist with Hexacara Laboratories and Lab Director of Iris Laboratories.