Misty Peaks

Misty Peaks is an endeavour to bring luxuriously sustainable home products to discerning families. As a conscious brand for home essentials, we close the gap between organic and luxury while generating a positive impact on the ecosystem. We are an India-made brand that echoes international standards while upholding fair trade practices and nurturing the local economy. 


Our first offerings, 700gsm luxurious, super soft towels (Bath, Hand, and Face) are made from organic Indian cotton and are certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Our towels have been crafted to fit into the homes and lifestyle of urban dwellers and the sensibilities they embody. Our towels are free from toxic chemicals and are ideal for adults concerned about what touches their skin and perfect for babies and children. 

Look out for our next launches: Handcrafted natural luxurious soaps, hand-rolled 100% herbal incense cones and sticks, and organic cotton kitchen storage bags.

Brand Story

A few years ago, a chance reading of an article highlighted that the textile industry was one of the biggest environmental polluters on the planet. It also suggested that the nasty chemicals hiding in our daily use home textiles, like our bedding and towels, could be one of the leading causes of allergies and other ailments. Some more research into daily polluters in our life such as plastic storage and home cleaning chemicals, set our family on a journey to replace daily use products in our home with well crafted, planet-positive and sustainable products. The outcome was that we saw a definite improvement in some of our recurring allergies and even some chronic ailments. On our journey across market shelves flooded with options, we realised what a task it was to find home goods, that while being sustainable, also looked and felt good. We joined forces with like-minded souls to create sustainable home products that were aesthetically designed, displayed fine craftsmanship, and used quality raw materials. Thus was born the idea of Misty Peaks — to create a model for a planet-considerate and socially-valuable shopping experience that doesn’t compromise on quality or style.


 Misty Peaks, B-3/12 Dlf Phase-1, Gurgaon, Haryana- 122002

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