Natturano, a brand of Khadyam, is transforming the food systems to provide nutritious food to all current and future generations while protecting biodiversity.

Khadyam is an innovative food venture,
that has aligned itself in full food value
chain from Farm to Fork.

We care for the earth, good health, environment and community through our way of producing organic products by maintaining the quality at par with excellence to the industry standards.

We envision a thriving eco-system that inspires nurtures and transforms innovation and enterprise to impact lives.

We focus on bringing innovative patented healthy products to the market. We are striving to become the leading producer and supplier of premium healthy products products in the marketplace.

 Natturano seed nut oils was created to bring health and wellness to people through food the right foods made up of essential fats, vitamins, and minerals are necessary to be truly healthy. The natural balance of these nutrients is offered in our purely pressed oils. 


  • Cold-pressed seed oils
  • We will soon offer ready-to-eat instant and healthy foods that are traditionally south Indian & free of preservatives

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