Naturefab is a clothing brand that manufactures performance apparels like tees, pajamas, leggings  and other products using bamboo fabric. Our aim is to provide you clothing made from softest fabric that will ever touch your skin. The fabric possesses many advantages over cotton and other fabrics.

Our Story

The simple, high-quality t-shirts that we could wear to work were surprisingly hard to find. The high end t-shirts were overpriced and over-designed. The simpler ones were just not up to the mark. And neither category offered us a really comfortable tee. There was just no ideal option. 

And in China we saw tees made from Bamboo fabric. We researched. We studied Bamboo, staple and yarn. We met people. We learned about production processes. We questioned. We asked how things could be done differently. And then we took the plunge. So we decided to create it. Seven months later, the classic ‘NatureFab Bamboo Tee’ was born. 

Our list of products include bamboo tees for men, women, polo t-shirts, leggings, joggers, yoga pants etc. Our products are available for purchase from our website.

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