One for Blue

ONEFORBLUE, i.e. Together For Earth, is a movement, its the coming together (being ONE) of young and adventurous citizens FOR united action to conserve the bio-diverse resources of the BLUE planet (earth).

ONEFORBLUE celebrates the beauty of our planet by changing the way we perceive it, and uniting to protect it. Why fashion? In our fast paced world, fashion is instant language, and what best way to use it, than to express our love for nature. Bringing together cool designs with a sense of purpose, our products give fashion a new meaning. Whether you select a stylish Tee or a trendy accessory, you will wear it with pride, as we take up efforts on your behalf towards making the planet a better place to live. How we do this? Simple! For every product you buy from us, we devote 20% of our profits towards wildlife conservation and habitat preservation, and keep you informed through regular updates. We partner grass-root level conservation organizations to protect various species. ONEFORBLUE is your highway to nature, and we welcome all explorers and nature enthusiasts to come and enjoy the ride with us. Don’t forget to bring your friends along on this exciting journey!

Our Products

  1. T-shirts (adults and kids) and Hoodies 
  2. Masks (adults and kids) 
  3. Bags & Wallets
  4. Tags & Holders
  5. Sleeves
  6. Pouches

All our packaging is recyclable and reusable and made of kraft paper. We have an additional Blue Loop policy that enables our customers to return their old OFB T-shirts for responsible disposal in return for store credit. Our products are available on our website, Amazon and Hopscotch.


Hello Conscious Changemakers! We at One for Blue are on a mission to redefine style to create an impact. We believe in embodying sustainability and zero waste through each step of the way to make conscious living affordable and accessible. Join us on this mission to make our planet a better habitat. Contact us at or

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