Palmera Brushes are manufactured by Ethamozhy Coir Cluster Private Limited which is a project of Coir Board, Government of India under the SFURTI Scheme. This is a cluster of rural artisans manufacturing natural fibre brushes for home and commercial use.

The vision has been to reinvent traditional cleaning products, to make them relevant for the modern times through a fine blend of technology and tradition.

The brushes are primarily made of coir fibre and Palmyrah fibre with wooden handles. All materials are locally sourced. Brushes are manufactured with fine finishing and excellent quality to meet the needs of modern homes.

The products cover cleaning brushes for kitchen, general purpose dusting and washing, sweeping indoors and outdoors, bathrooms and toilets.

The products are currently sold through our website, Amazon Indian and through several retail outlets ( both online and in brick and mortar stores) across India and customers absolutely love our products.

Collaboration with Influencers

At Palmera Brushes, we are keen to work with influencers who can, not just post images about our products, but provide first hand honest usage feedback, preferably long term usage reviews – experiences of using our brushes over a period of a couple of months, to a year. We would like the content to be in the form of written, detailed stories and short videos explaining their experiences. Influencers will be completely free to prudently state what they learn about our products through their usage experience. We keep telling our staff that customers should use our products because they work better and sustainability is just an added bonus. So, we would ideally prefer influencers who have a healthy following outside the ‘sustainability community’ so that the products can be used by everyone.

Ethamozhy Coir Cluster (ECC) is a joint initiative of artisans and small entrepreneurs of Kanyakumari District and Coir Board as the Nodal Agency.

The Cluster strives for value addition of Bristle Coir Fibre which is exclusive to this district and use it to develop world class products.


We are currently running our campaign to do away with the oppressive culture of making women and certain classes of people bend down to sweep by making them use brooms with short handles. The campaign page is @cleanwithpride on Instagram and Facebook. We are keen to work with influencers who practice sustainability and more specifically, influencers who make content around sustainable cleaning, maintaining a sustainable home etc.

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