Advocacy Partners

A Media House for Sustainability

Smart Sustain creates awareness on technology-powered sustainable practices for the restoration of ecosystems and reversal of environmental damages around the world. The company acts as media partner for brand building, corporate videos, campaigns, content creation, and digital marketing requirements.

Digital Publishing Platform that supports Sustainability & Eco creativity

Ecopurple is a platform run by Sharayu Mishal, a nature and trekking enthusiast, where she writes, creates content, and organises clean-up treks to promote environmentalism and sustainable living. She features the eco-creativity of people, communities, and businesses and in turn, promotes sustainability.

Researcher . Documentary filmmaker . Sustainability advocate.

Meet Nisha Matamp, an advertising graduate turned documentary filmmaker, who after a decade into filmmaking is trying to promote sustainability with her explainer videos and expert interviews on her YouTube Channel, to inspire people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. 

Digital Publishing Platform for Sustainability

Prakati intends to serve as a knowledge repository on sustainability and a guide to sustainable living. It publishes articles, press releases, and news related to sustainability. Indian Green businesses can have free listings on Prakati’s website directory.