Recycle it

Recycle it is a start-up initiative located in the City of PUNE who’s aim is to redirect recyclable and reusable waste from households and institutions to recycling centres instead of our Landfills, oceans and streets.

‘Recycle it’  was the outcome when a bunch of highly enthusiastic college students from Pune decided to do something about the waste problem around them. 

After an in-depth study of the field, the group found that a lot of what we discard as waste, in our day to day life can be recycled. Upon realising that Dumping, Landfilling or Incineration of these recyclable materials was against the laws of a sustainable living they decided to tackle it. 

Their mission is to help every household and institution understand the importance of a circular economy and to promote sustainable living at every step.


  • Door-to-door collection
  • Collection for institutions
  • Collection from factories

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