“We’re all about the boss stories, not the sob ones.”

Sirohi is a sustainable luxury brand that advocates a slow and simple lifestyle based on values of the Indian heritage and culture. Our products are handwoven by skilled women artisans with an aim to bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors, while promoting a circular economy. 

It is supported by the Skilled Samaritan Foundation (SSF). SSF is an NPO working with women artisans from rural communities in Northern India to curate sustainable lifestyle products. 

We began our work with only one woman, even when everyone else refused. In the rural communities of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, women are discouraged to work outside their homes. Yet, Gauhar Fatma, our first woman weaver took the big step towards working with us and soon, many more joined. Today, we have a stronghold of over 150 women from villages all over Muzaffarnagar. We hope to grow bigger and better with every new day.

Our mission is twofold: to create employment opportunities for women who never saw a life beyond household chores and to contribute to a circular economy by using only sustainable materials or reusing waste materials in our products. In this way, we hope to support Mother Earth and all her citizens in leading a sustainable and empowered life!


  • Gifts and accessories: bag, dog bed, lighting, planter, tray, box
  • Seating: chair, Charpoy and day bed, stool, metal bench, detachable wooden bench
  • Home: box stand, large trunk, organiser, cupboard, screen divider , desk


 We’re constantly looking to collaborate with designers and other businesses who have like-minded approaches! If our work interests and inspires you, please write us an e-mail to explore internship, employment, or collaborative opportunities!

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