Sustainable Earthlings

Sustainable Earthlings is a budding startup in Hyderabad, founded by two eco-enthusiasts who strive everyday to reduce their negative impacts on the environment. They want to bring a new dimension to the household (consumer white goods) e-waste collection and management system in Hyderabad, which is becoming more crucial owing to the rapid digitalization, by introducing a ‘pay with your e-waste’ model for eco-friendly products.

Having faced hiccups initially while adapting to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, due to the low reach of sustainable alternatives in the mainstream, they aim to make these products more affordable and accessible to everyone. 

Sustainable earthlings is a platform for community e-waste collection campaigns with ‘pay with your e-waste model’, and also free resources for anyone who wants to dispose their e-waste responsibly or start their sustainability journey in Hyderabad. As an early stage startup, it plans to build an e-commerce site for sustainable products where users can pay with their e-waste.

Check out the website to know more about the e-waste problem and to find out your nearest e-waste recyclers, collectors, and pickup services in Hyderabad for free. They also share other resources and ideas to practice sustainable living in your life! 
They are also looking for zero-waste logistics services and local eco-products suppliers in Hyderabad. Any collaborations/ discussions with volunteers and eco-enthusiasts are also welcome!

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