Can Circular fashion Become a Reality in India?

‘As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy’ – Emma Watson.

In the previous article, we discussed if circularity is a sustainable reality in the fashion supply chain today. We also had a couple of conscious fashion brands share the challenges of closing the loop.

In this article, we present critical dilemmas that conscious consumers face while adopting the existing solutions available in the market in order to prevent garments from entering landfills.

Is Cruelty-free Fashion Sustainable?

Does being ‘cruelty-free’ automatically guarantee a clothing brand is sustainable? And brands using animal products by default should be shelved in the ‘boycott’ category? Before we Mary Kondo our clothes and accessories, let’s pause to check out a narrative that may have more truth than the ‘organic granola bar’ on your hand.
Check out Namrata’s take on the issue, the owner of the clothing brand Kaizen the label.