The CosKit Company

The CosKit Company collaborates with local handicraftsman across South India, to source Natural, Vegan and Cruelty-free  bath & body products. Our products are free of Paraben, Sulphate, and Silicone because we care about what goes on your skin. Our products are all handmade with a lot of care and support the local cottage industry #golocalforvocal. We bring you stuff that is unique, colourful, and very aesthetically pleasing. Why should you have to sacrifice your fun, favourite products to be eco-friendly, when you can have both? 

We believe going green shouldn’t have to be boring – so we make sure to keep it fun and funky!

We’re on a mission to bring better products to you, a conscious consumer and we are mindful of our impact on the planet. The name of the game is recycling, and we accept back ALL our plastic containers / packaging to give them a second chance at a recycling plant.  

Our goal for 2021 is to cut down on plastics and one-day become a zero waste company! Support our initiatives and make a small difference today by Shopping CosKit.



Sometimes, we have to use plastics in order to make our products affordable. But don’t sweat it, we highly encourage our customers to mail back the containers after using our product and we give them another chance at a plastic recycling unit. However, in case you aren’t able to do that, check out our blog on creative ways to reuse common plastic packaging.

We are CLEAN.

When the world around us is undergoing a pandemic, we take every
precaution to make sure things are safe, especially our products. Made with the greatest care. Gloves, Masks, Sterilized spaces.

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