The Mend Packaging

The Mend is a sustainable packaging company that transforms discarded materials into effective packaging solutions for mainstream consumption. There’s never been a more urgent need to be more sustainable than right now. When the pandemic hit, a large amount of noticeable waste was being generated from online orders. Food, clothing, household items – everything was being shipped and delivered to our homes in big, wasteful packages.

We, three friends from college living in three different cities (Bombay, Hyderabad, New Jersey), co-founded a sustainable packaging company that addresses the global need for a sustainable lifestyle.The Mend was created in an effort to reduce waste in the world – one package at a time.

At The Mend, we believe that sustainability shouldn’t be an afterthought to your brand. We customise your packaging to exactly what your brand needs, and we use 100% recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials. Whether it’s bioplastic, recycled paper, or alternative inks – we are always looking for innovative ways to be environmentally conscious. We use our platform to educate and inspire others to learn about sustainable ways we can unbox a greener future for generations to come.

The Mend’s co-founders are Rishika Reddy, Prianka Jhaveri and Rhea Kothari – three friends who were looking for a way to make a socially and environmentally friendly impact on the way we consume products.

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