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Our father has been a great inspiration in our life. From a very early age, he believed strongly in creating an impact and doing good for our society. He always thought about the bigger picture and so understood the harm that plastic creates in our day to day life.
Due to which, he started a plastic recycling business back in 1980, which was his way of dealing with waste. We too supported his cause and joined his business wholeheartedly.

Co-founder Richa
Co-founder Shivani

Looking at the drastic climatic change and negative impact it was causing on our mother nature, we soon realized simply recycling is not enough. We needed to altogether replace it and find an alternative.

We started our intensive research and found that plastic is immensely causing a negative impact on humans, wildlife, flora fauna, causing hazardous health issues and most importantly being one of the major reasons for climate change.

After understanding the urgency, necessity and as a duty of human mankind. We decided to come up with an initiative to create zero waste products which are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Taking a step further we sisters, Richa & Shivani, at Think Earth have started a Eco-friendly lifestyle solution in the home & hospitality sector.

We cater to retail outlets as well but our prime focus is to provide affordable switches at B2B level to create long lasting impact. This is our way to eradicate waste. We believe in creating an EcoSystem which is sustainable and has zero waste.

We aspire to set a future trend and ensure everyone understands the importance of using these products and feel responsible to save our


  • Create a zero waste environment and provide affordable switch in tableware market
  • Build Sustainable dining + kitchen experience globally
  • Co-exist and give back to nature
  • Support farmers, artisans, small industries and NGOs

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