Túkra started as an endeavour to reduce textile waste that ends up in our soils. Being based in a hill station town, we want to reduce the impacts textile pollution and fast fashion has on our lands, particularly in the hilly areas as we see more and more of natural
disasters such as landslides, soil erosion, and depletion of agricultural land.

At Túkra we aim to achieve a zero waste
approach by creating upcycled products out of all the collected fabric discards whilst generating awareness on waste management problems.

Our products mainly include accessories, home & gifting items and apparel, all handmade slow craft
made with care and consideration, to be used as a sustainable product.
We also take bulk and customised orders for businesses and events.

It is also our wish and hope to be able to help and support projects that
plant and grow the region-specific trees to support the Himalayan biodiversity.
Proceeds from our sales would contribute to the cause. Túkra is our small initiative of giving back, to #helphealthehimalayas

We accept all kinds of fabric waste off-cuts and clothes from collaborators, individuals, shops, stores and

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