Upciclo.com is India’s only sustainable online marketplace that advocates and promotes eco-friendly lifestyle products.

We promote especially to the younger generation as they are more aware and educated about environmental and social issues and can help bring a meaningful change.

We verify the sellers and products before enlisting them. It is a platform for sellers who currently make or manufacture biodegradable, compostable, vegan, upcycled , recycled, paraben-free and handmade items across all lifestyle segments.

Most of our sellers are working as foundations or NGO’s who provide skill training and resources to rural workforce so they can all earn their livelihood in a respectable manner.

We also share shipping costs with vendors for any items across all zones so that the maximum benefit is passed on to the actual creators of the product.

We aim to impact the social causes like rural women empowerment, fairtrade, buy local and aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Our vision is to support small and medium scale business along with some established names for a uniform platform and services without much spend and hassle. We want to become the go-to name for households and businesses when it comes to buying sustainable lifestyle products as we help them begin their green journey.


We are headquartered in Bangalore and ship products Pan India.

If you are a corporate you may contact us for any of your CSR needs, corporate gifting, any fulfilment or consulting for your ESG spend planning every year.

We are also looking for bloggers who can be our affiliates.

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