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Why ecoHQ

After two years of working closely with brands, we narrowed down four main challenges in sustainability marketing –

1.   Consumers had the power to influence the community but apathy towards sustainability was a wall yet to be broken

2.  Greenwashing misled conscious buying behaviour. This left little space for honest brands to increase visibility.

3.  Brands consuming the limelight weren’t doing sustainability right. They lagged behind in spreading awareness and encouraging responsibility.

4.  Content promotion was a costly affair and, therefore, brands needed a better outreach and collaboration platform.

We want to solve these issues through our content, helping people develop objective viewpoints. We aim to do this by approaching issues through various vantage points, gaining a holistic worldview.

Backed by the power of well-researched information, businesses and eco-enthusiasts have the autonomy to make conscious choices without falling prey to unethical marketing. In the process, we’ll also provide a platform for honest brands to voice their views and establish authority in the industry.

Our focus is tuned towards 2 key stakeholders


  • Create and curate content that sensitises consumers about sustainability and conscious consumerism.
  • Encourage consumers and eco-enthusiasts develop their own voice and advocate for ethical consumerism as well as have them support sustainable projects.


  • Help ethical and conscious organisations in India promote their work through our online and offline channels.
  • Educate and help brands align with the SDG goals the right way.

How do we make this happen?


  • Content Publishing

We showcase an organisation’s industry experience through well-researched, informative content that will be featured on ecoHQ and its partner platforms. The sponsored content will be centred around the organisation’s expertise in a given subject matter or entrepreneur’s thought leadership in the industry. The highlight will be on the quality of work done by the business.

  • Content Distribution

We partner with various platforms such as blogs, podcasts, content creators and more to distribute content for far-reaching visibility.

  • Content Development

Brands get help from ecoHQ in developing educational content to promote the objective of conscious consumerism in India. Articles, infographics, videos are all supported.


  • Educational Institutions

College, school and university events are excellent opportunities to spread the word. We collaborate with educational institutions to encourage eco-friendly stalls and awareness drives. Parallelly, we connect students to internships and on-the-job live projects for maximum exposure.

  • Organisations

ecoHQ provides visibility to sustainability directories, aggregators or platforms that host honest eco-friendly brands. Through high value collaborations with corporate and business networks, we organise awareness campaigns and sustainability-related projects.


ecoHQ establishes meaningful, two-way relationships with ethical businesses in the sustainability sector to promote their services.

Get in Touch

We take conscious entrepreneurship, social impact, and environmental impact seriously. Brands and institutions will need to fulfil our sustainability criteria to be featured on or partnered with ecoHQ.

If you’re looking to make a conscious impact, fill in your details below and we’ll get in touch.

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