Watermark Sustainability Foundation

WSF is a group of Sustainability, Environmental & MEP design consultants based in Pune,
Maharashtra. WSF has a strong track record & international tie-ups for various types of projects. Eco Electrotech Solutions is our MEP consulting division.

We introduce ourselves as a consultancy firm in Sustainability & Environment. The firm aims at high quality Sustainability Research Reports, Environmental Research / Compliances / Liaising & Plumbing Design. While doing so we will achieve adherence to latest standards, laws and regulations addressing modern methods and materials. At the same time Economy
and Quality shall be achieved keeping in Environmental Conservation.

Core Expertise

  • Environmental consulting & Environmental clearance services
  • Sustainable MEP Design Solutions
  • MEP Execution
  • Sewage Treatment Plans / Wastewater Solutions
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Green Building Solutions
  • Solid Waste / Bio-medical waste management
  • Circular Economy Consulting
  • MPCB Liaising and Consulting

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