Yellow Haze

Yellow Haze Sustainable Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2018 with a simple of motto of working towards improving sustainability. Yellow Haze started its humble journey as a renewable energy consultancy assisting individuals, business & industries to switch to more sustainable solar power. In course of two years, the company has expanded its footprint from solar to other sustainability related fields such as food waste to biogas, waste to CBG, solar for process heating.

Solar Power Services: Yellow Haze provides custom solar power solutions from domestic to commercial & industrial clients. We have both pay-as you go model (OPEX based) & one-time payment model (CAPEX based).

The innovative pay-as-you-go model helps commercial & industrial clients to switch to cheaper, greener solar power without incurring any upfront capital costs. Further, entire project from concept to commissioning & then running is ensured by our team and so consumer has no liability or project risks.  The consumer offers space for solar plant installation & in return receives rights to purchase solar electricity at discounted price.

Solar Asset Management: For end-consumers as well as partners, yellow haze provides solar asset management services – minimizing solar power plant downtime & extending project life through timely cleaning cycles & planned preventive maintenance activities.

Solar Thermal: Yellow Haze Sustainable provides Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) based solutions that are useful for medium and high temperatures required for various applications in industries, commercial establishments & institutions.

Food Waste to Biogas: In 2021, Yellow Haze through its EPC partner has also started delivering custom made Food Waste to Biogas solution. Institutions like residential schools, colleges, medical academic institutions, hospitals, NGO’s, hotels, companies that have institutional setup of mess (cafeteria’s) can utilise their uncooked & cooked food waste to generate bio-gas that can be used as substitute for cooking LPG gas.

Zero Liquid Discharge: Yellow Haze sustainable is also working towards creating a zero liquid discharge system for industrial clients, which enables industrial effluent for absolute recycling of permeate and converting solute (dissolved organic and in-organic compounds/salts) into residue in the solid form by adopting method of concentration and thermal evaporation though solar.

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