At ecoHQ, we aim to sensitize people about Sustainability and Social Impact, enable age-agnostic discussions and ingrain conscious consumerism among our readers.

Our work involves collaborating with experts and key stakeholders to disseminate research-based information that can impact the people and the planet.


ecoHQ extends content consulting for organisations in the Sustainability and Social Impact industries.

We advocate conscious growth and help brands market their services and products ethically for their audiences to make informed decisions.


Deepa Sai is a sustainability enthusiast, hailing from a background in Psychology, Social Work, Human Resources, and Communications. 

She has worked to make a difference in various sectors, including disability, child rights, children with special needs, mental health, oncology, neurology, substance dependence, community development, solid waste management, and disaster response.


At ecoHQ, we help Indians make educated choices about sustainable practices through our blog and socials.

We also have media partners that advocate Sustainability.

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