Deepa is no newbie to the world of sustainability. After working in the social and environmental advocacy sector for over a decade, she launched ecoHQ to document her experiences and connect sustainability followers with conscious brands.

At ecoHQ, we help Indians make educated choices about sustainable practices through awareness, advocacy and accountability. We spread awareness about sustainable development, advocate conscious growth and help brands be accountable for responsible solutions.

Our ultimate goal is educating you to make the right choices for our people and planet.

Our Story

Like everyone else in the sustainability sector, we started out as eco-enthusiasts. Any products labelled green, natural, eco-friendly, conscious, organic and the like, caught our attention. Most of the brands behind these products didn’t have extensive marketing and selling strategies to back them. Understanding this gap, ecoHQ transformed from a blog to one-stop web directory making sustainable brands more accessible to Indians. 

After setting up our platform, we spoke with a few hundred brands and found that marketing mainly revolved around SEO, hard-selling and guilt-tripping consumers into buying sustainable products. While these strategies may be necessary when competing with big brands, it’s important to sensitise customers, too. Consumers are stakeholders in a business and adopting sustainable practices will not just benefit them, but also the planet.

Thus, with a renewed focus, ecoHQ brings you multi-perspective information gathered through in-depth research about the Indian sustainability industry.


To ingrain conscious consumerism in India through ethical information disbursal and alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


  1. Work with experts and key stakeholders to provide in-depth researched information about sustainability. Through our content publishing, distribution and development efforts, this information will help consumers make better choices.
  2. Collaborate with communities of all types: educational, professional, corporate, business networks, as well as eco-enthusiast and hobby clubs, to encourage age-agnostic sustainability discussions and organise awareness campaigns.
  3. Sensitise society about sustainable development and conscious consumerism through meaningful partnerships with brands and institutions in the sector.

Our Focus

Core Philosophy

  • Informed decisions is better than imposed beliefs
  • Small steps to change the way we live, make a BIG impact
  • More conversations about sustainability-related issues are a need of the hour
  • You’re not alone in this. One person’s efforts can be amplified by a community
  • One person’s efforts can be amplified by a community
  • Finally, we live by this mantra: Creative Advocacy

Leading a 100% zero-waste lifestyle is a struggle, we know! But your first step can be making conscious, mindful choices (whenever possible) to contribute positively to our planet and people.


ecoHQ is run by Deepa Sai a fellow, multi-talented sustainability enthusiast, hailing from a background in Psychology, Social Work, Human Resources and Communications.

She has worked to make a difference in various sectors including disability, child rights, children with special needs, mental health, oncology, neurology, substance dependence, community development, solid waste management, disaster response and more.

After being active in the Social and Environmental Advocacy sector until 2013, she moved on to Human Resources and Content Marketing. But even during her other stints, she spearheaded environment-based CSR activities at various organisations.

She volunteered on disaster & crisis management taskforce teams with NGOs & Government officials between 2014 and 2020. And while doing all of this, she also extended content and strategy services (pro bono) to the NGOs Shuddha & Youth ExNoRa International.

In 2021, ecoHQ was born as a collection of her experiences and research in sustainability, with the purpose of aiding eco-businesses and eco-enthusiasts in conscious production and consumption.

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