The UN’s SDGs and LGBTQIA Inclusion: Are We There Yet?

It’s Pride Month. A time to pinkwash and sell more products in support of the LGBTQIA community. It’s also when we talk about inclusivity, equality and equity as part of sustainable development while discriminating against LGBTQIA members. At least, this is what we’ve been led to believe.
On this day, the first Gay parade happened one year after the Stonewall riots. It serves as a reminder that we would be again witnessing the uprising of various minorities, fighting for their rights, which we’ve so conventionally shut out.
While we are advocating for SDG2030 on fancier and non-controversial topics, we must focus on the goals of gender equality, reduced inequalities, and striving for peace, justice and strong institutions.
It’s time to cater to universally progressive and inclusive ideas if we want the world to grow as ONE.
And Pride+ is doing just that.
We at ecoHQ wish more startup ventures like Pride+ get the Government and financial support they rightly deserve.

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Introduction to Sustainable Finance and the ESG Framework

Stakeholders and investors are increasingly considering a company’s performance on ESG concerns. These include cybersecurity, climate change, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Likewise, with many companies across the globe reporting on sustainability, a worldwide ESG framework is a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

Sustainable finance is the next big thing in the world engrossed in technological advancement and rapid digitisation. Besides, building a more sustainable future requires an all-hands-on-deck approach from most industries—finance foremost among them.

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How Does the Baking Industry Spell Out ‘Sustainability’?

Sustainability is said to transcend industries, so how does the bakery /patisserie industry interpret and implement it?

From providing vegan/gluten-free organic products to eco-friendly and zero-waste production and packaging to increased transparency, the baking industry firms strive towards Sustainability in their unique ways. Read the article to know more.

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Fiery Fields and the Smothering Smog: Are Farmers to Blame?

The classic air pollution case in north India (allegedly caused by farm fires/stubble burning) is signalling a dystopian future for us unless we stop playing the blame game every year and actively take part in climate action.
Talk is cheap, and it is easy to point fingers at a group, especially a marginalised one shouldering intersectional burdens. So what can different stakeholders holding various forms of power/responsibility do to stop this crisis?
In Marshall McLuhan’s words, one can find the answer to this: ‘There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew’.

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How Sustainable is Ecotourism in the Indian Himalayas?

If you love mountains, then NOW is the time to take action and save them. The once pristine and delicately balanced – Himalayan Mountain regions face a disturbed ecosystem caused by human-caused hazards.

Get to know how the Himalayan regions are being exploited and what we can do to address these emerging challenges and improve conditions for local communities.

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How Sustainable Are Your Sustainable Beauty Products?

How often do you feel effortlessly convinced to buy a beauty product because it’s sustainable?
But it turns out that many “seemingly” sustainable beauty products are manufactured using toxic raw materials. And sometimes brands even go to the extent of using raw materials from endangered plant species.
This article unmasks the grave and alarming reality of the beauty industry.
Click the link and read on!

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