How Sustainable is Ecotourism in the Indian Himalayas?

If you love mountains, then NOW is the time to take action and save them. The once pristine and delicately balanced – Himalayan Mountain regions face a disturbed ecosystem caused by human-caused hazards.

Get to know how the Himalayan regions are being exploited and what we can do to address these emerging challenges and improve conditions for local communities.

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How Sustainable Are Your Sustainable Beauty Products?

How often do you feel effortlessly convinced to buy a beauty product because it’s sustainable?
But it turns out that many “seemingly” sustainable beauty products are manufactured using toxic raw materials. And sometimes brands even go to the extent of using raw materials from endangered plant species.
This article unmasks the grave and alarming reality of the beauty industry.
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Disability Acts in India: the On-ground Reality

While you sip your evening chai contentedly by the window, a Person with Disability (PWD) is hoping for a whiff of happiness in their tiny home.
Even though there are laws protecting the rights of PWDs in India, the situation on the ground is a far cry. From unfair education practices to rising unemployment, the prejudices keep piling up.
Find out what’s happening!

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