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We offer futuristic initiatives on Sustainability as well analyse eco-initiatives, socio-environmental issues from various vantage points. What happens then? You can make informed decisions. You understand how your products are made. You know how companies deliver their services for you. You get what actual impact means! When you buy something, you are investing in an initiative. When you create something, you are solving a problem. When you promote a cause, you are influencing a crowd. Your actions and intents can shape supply-demand economies. You hold the power.

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Sustainability and ESG Frameworks

The blog series looks at the ideas of sustainability, ESG, ESG Audit and Reporting Frameworks, sustainable finance, and carbon management.

Sustainability, Net Zero, ESG, ESG Reporting, ESG Investments, Carbon Footprinting, Indian Carbon Market, BRSR Framework, Carbon Offsets 101

Policies & Initiatives

The blog series discusses India’s policies in the climate and environment space.

India’s climate pledges, G20 2023, Green Skills, COP28

Sustainability Communications, Marketing & Branding

The blog series illustrates why the sustainability sector requires specialist 360-degree agencies for branding, marketing, content production, communications, and PR.

Need for Sustainability Communications, Need for Niche Services, Sustainability Marketing

Climate Change, Mitigation, Adaptation & Resilience

This blog series discusses issues surrounding human-induced climate change.

Climate Change and Climate Patterns, Climate Migration, Climate-tech Funding

Infrastructure & Architecture

This blog series discusses controversial issues on public infrastructure and covers green infrastructure, architecture, built environments, and future cities.

Pedestrian Infrastructure, Net-zero Buildings, Eco-communities, NEOM, Liuzhou Vertical Forest City and Toyota Woven City, Masdar City and New Clark City, Vertical Forest Towers, Agrihoods, Mumbai Coastal Road Project, Biophilic Design

Sustainable Fashion

This blog series will examine the options accessible to consumers as they shift to more sustainable fashion practises.  

Men’s Fashion, Styling and Conscious Consumerism, Sustainable Fashion Choices, Hidden Problems, Cruelty-free Fashion, Animal-based Products, Circularity in Fashion, Is Circular Fashion Feasible?

New-age Climate Action & Advocacy

This blog series highlights the varied tactics contemporary climate activists use to affect policy and systemic shifts.

No Kpop on a Dead Planet , Music Declares Emergency , Tuvalu

Sustainability in Different Industries

This blog series examines how various sectors implement low-carbon solutions and sustainable initiatives and evaluates whether or not these sectors are genuinely sustainable.

Upcycled Skincare products, Beauty, Bakery, Shipping & Logistics, Space Tech, Motorsports, GEN AI

Waste Management and Pollution

This series of blog posts examines the many forms of pollution that threaten our planet and assesses the methods now used in waste management.

Bioplastics, Wastewater Treatment Technology, Air Pollution & Agricultural Waste, E-waste


This blog series covers sustainable travel, tourism, and hospitality.

Tourism in the Himalayas, Eco-stays in Uttarakhand

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

This blog series covers topics on enabling various ecosystems to address diversity, equity, inclusivity issues in India

Seniorcare in India, LGBTQIA+ and UN SDGSs

Mindset & Behaviour Change

This blog series cover topics discussing people’s mindsets are crucial to adopting or rejecting sustainable solutions.

Agriculture solutions, eco-labels, Upcycling


This blog series cover topics discussing people’s preferences, decisions, habits and routines that significantly affect their ecosystems.

Sustainable Menstruation, Eco-friendly Menstrual Products, Sanitary Cups, Mental Health


This blog series cover topics discussing issues surrounding nature and wildlife conservation

Payment for Ecosystem Services,