Motorsports Race Towards Net Zero

Is it a Green Signal or a Red Flag for motorsports in an environmentally struggling world?

The motorsports industry is ever-growing, and boards such as FiA and FiM have become environmentally conscious by taking sustainability pledges and joining the likes of UNFCCC Sports for Action Climate Network. The question is, how much of a positive impact have we seen?

Enovation Consulting’s Sustainable Motorsport Index has enabled us to keep tabs on the progress of championships and circuits in their endeavors! The index holistically measures the sustainability of racing circuits and championships via the Sustainable Circuits Index (SCI) and the Sustainable Championship Index (SChI). A lot of work is to be done for motorsports to be environmentally friendly, but it is safe to say that the progress championships and circuits have made in the past years has been commendable!  

What has the motorsports industry achieved to build a sustainable future?

According to the Sustainable Circuits Index of 2022, 43 out of 96 tracks have demonstrated substantial impacts in their go green initiative! Circuit de Barcelona has stood out by installing electric vehicle charging stations, 300 trees around the circuit to counter air pollution, and by launching social initiatives for food waste reduction. Another circuit that worked on food waste reduction is the Mugello Circuit in Italy. Their food surplus initiative with multiple charities collected surplus food left after a MotoGP event and donated it to feed the underprivileged, thereby working towards reducing waste and helping society. Then there is Circuit Paul Ricard with its Recyleat program, which manages to gather the organic waste left behind in the stands and convert it to compost, used in the green spaces around the circuit to grow trees and green life. 

It’s not just the circuits that have made a positive impact; The FiA and the FiM have made exemplary advancements by starting eco-friendly championships such as the Formula E, Moto E, and FiA-sanctioned Extreme E. These championships boast electric vehicles exclusively, matching the likes of racing vehicles designed for veteran championships such as Formula 1 and Moto GP. The cutting-edge technology and clean energy the constructors bring forth have been enabled by these championships, making them an inspiration for many motor sporting federations to choose electric and go green! 

What’s the future of championship leagues in the motorsports industry?

According to Formula E’s season 6 sustainability report, 70% of their carbon emissions is due to travel and logistics. These factors contribute most to carbon emissions with other championships as well, but with these drawbacks, there have also been technological innovations such as recycling Gen 1 Lithium Ion batteries from season 1 to season 4 of Formula E in partnership with Umicore, a global recycling group which shows their commitment in going green. Other commendable achievements that are a delight would be the FiA-sanctioned Extreme E championship (in just 1 year of its functioning), neutralizing its carbon footprint, and F1 car emissions falling to only 0.7% of pollution generated by them in the 2019 championship, which bodes well for their net-zero carbon target by 2030. 

In conclusion,

To say that championships leave behind no carbon footprint would be an overstatement! But their awareness, will to act, and commitment to a cleaner future are a testament to their environmentally responsible nature and are an inspiration for motor sporting events. With championships like Formula E, Extreme E, and Moto E, along with the achievements of Formula 1, it’s safe to say that motorsports is headed toward a cleaner and greener future!


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