Reimagining AI-generated Imagery for the Sustainability Space

Pixelgen has been a game-changer for me at ecoHQ! It’s like having a creative companion in the sustainability space. With Pixelgen, I effortlessly whip up unique, copyright-free images for my niche content. Teaming up with Akilesh has been a treat, and the AI magic Pixelgen brings to the table is mind-blowing. Shoutout to the Pixelgen crew for making it user-friendly—it’s my go-to for turning abstract ideas into striking visuals. I was right to place my bets on Pixelgen as the first beta-user and I am planning to collaborate with Pixelgen to create innovate palettes for sustainability conservations and climate action advocacy!

Nature Withdrawals and My Waning Sanity

In the ’90s and early 2000s, my childhood was all about outdoor adventures. I grew up in a house surrounded by sprawling gardens. I was a hyperactive kid, always on the go, and even taught myself how to ride a bike. I fondly recall those days of cycling through the streets, playing Galli cricket, football,Continue reading “Nature Withdrawals and My Waning Sanity”

How I Keep up with the Sustainability Scene

Since 2020, I’ve been deeply involved in mentoring founders and professionals within the sustainability, climate, and impact sectors. These engagements range from one-time consultations to recurring discussions, allowing people to bounce ideas off me. What I find particularly gratifying is when people tell me I have brought something new to the table each time weContinue reading “How I Keep up with the Sustainability Scene”