Reimagining AI-generated Imagery for the Sustainability Space

I met Anandaraj Chinnaperumal through Tamilpreneur‘s Club+ when Shyam Siddarth introduced me to this new product PixelGen. A true tech-for-good entrepreneur at heart Anandaraj has several AI-based SaaS products up his sleeve (and he releases a product every two weeks, I have honestly lost count)!

I signed up to be the first beta user to try it out before Pixelgen officially launched. Why? Well, my interest in the product was quite straightforward. As someone deeply involved in the sustainability sector, my conversations often revolve around forward-thinking and niche topics that have yet to gain mainstream attention. I’ve always found it difficult to create images/posters to complement these discussions/articles/newsletters as using the original would inevitably lead to copyright challenges one day.

PixelGen presented an ideal solution, allowing me to generate unique images that articulate complex concepts, drawing inspiration from the original prototype visuals. For instance, when creating a poster on Earthships in New Mexico or vertical forest cities in Liuzhou, Pixelgen equips me to train the AI to generate fresh images inspired by the originals, eliminating the need to use copyrighted material.

The palettes available on PixelGen were curated for HoReCa, fashion and UI/UX folks. I wanted ones for the sustainability niche and I proposed that I work with Anandaraj to create new palettes. For starters, we decided to use Pixelgen to create images for biophilic design.

The process required extensive co-ordination and communication to co-create these images. I shared my knowledge on biophilic designs, and Anandaraj used his prompt-engineering skills to train the program. 

Source: A no-so-realistic but a ‘just-there’ Biophic Design attempt by PixelGen

We focused our energies on differentiating biophilic design aesthetics from buildings surrounded by landscaped gardens or buildings with indoor plants.

Source: A more photorealistic attempt at generating an indoor biophilic design by PixelGen and this time it is not ‘a room with indoor plants’.

The evolution of these images, from their initial state to the refined output after several hours of intervention, is a testament to Anandaraj’s dedication to his craft.

Source: A photo-realistic Biophic Design generated by PixelGen

I would also like to give a shout out to Akilesh’s team, who works diligently behind the scenes to enhance the user experience everyday.  Pixelgen helps creators with extensive prompts and domain-based keywords to generate photorealistic images that an average gen-AI can’t simulate.

There are times when I may lack the capacity to ideate extensively but desire an image that vividly illustrates concepts such as climate migration or ocean pollution. 

PixelGen says, ‘So close, we’ll get there’!

We are actively collaborating on translating such abstract ideas into evocative images. 

PixelGen has already curated a suite of palettes covering diverse categories like food, celebrities, portraits, landscapes, fashion, digital art, and architecture, achieving phenomenal results. Sign up to be a beta user to check out these images. 

However, the challenges posed by the Sustainability/Social Impact and Climate Action space are inherently more abstract. We are starting with sustainable/eco-friendly architecture as it provides a more accessible entry point for exploration and understanding to hard-to-articulate concepts.

ecoHQ and Pixelgen will be working in the future to bring more futuristic products for stakeholders in the impact space SOON.

PS: The Marina Light House on the cover was crafted with ease, courtesy of PixelGen’s magic touch.

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