The Sustainability Sector Needs Niche digital and Communication Services.

Sustainable organisations are often overshadowed by conglomerates greenwashing consumers. Communication channels are misused to misrepresent facts, giving rise to the necessity of ethical communications, and niche digital agencies globally have risen to serve this necessity. With sustainability trends emerging in all possible sectors, such as space travel, crypto mining and NFTs, hospitality, and more, the emergence of ethical communications for the sustainability sector has become necessary. The question that impacts us is – 

How has the Indian market fared with the growing need for specialised ethical communications?    

Startups in India are booming, and young entrepreneurs know the benefits of sustainable practices! However, recognised by niche pockets, these startups are yet to be celebrated by the masses, and the shortage of niche sustainability agencies is one of the main pitfalls entrepreneurs face. 

Global agencies such as Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, and many others tend to eclipse the efforts of specialised sustainability-focused companies that provide conscious communications. While such agencies drive brilliant communication strategies, the Sustainability niche is where they need help with domain expertise. Misrepresenting facts and exploiting people’s lack of understanding about unsustainable operations is the biggest obstacle in teaching the public about sustainability. Invoking the audience’s interest in ethical communication requires a deep knowledge of the Sustainability industry. Niche and exclusive agencies working in the sector know the industry practices and how to craft ethical communications to educate the target groups.

Sustainability trends such as vegan diets, urban agriculture, electric mobility, low-carbon products, sustainable travel, upcycled clothing, accessories, and many more are rising in India. However, despite this, there needs to be more awareness amongst the masses since 360-degree agencies need more in-depth industry research, interactions with industry stakeholders and knowledge of the sustainability sector to craft effective communication strategies! 

How is the sustainable communications sector in the global market in comparison to India?

The world’s top 9 out of 10 green countries are from the European continent. It is a fair assumption to make that developed economies have been privileged enough to recognise the necessity of sustainability much sooner in comparison to countries across the globe. The fact that the ten least green countries happen to be from the Asian continent reaffirms this assumption. 

The rise of sustainability sector agencies such as Cause and EffectMatter UnlimitedDraw HistoryEnviral, and many more in the European and American continents have the potential to be an inspiration for agencies in India. However, agencies in India like ecoHQ are very rare that dive deep into sustainability communications for conscious businesses. 

While the future of sustainability in India may boast a wide range of sustainability companies, the current situation merits the need for niche B2B services for such organisations in India.  


The article was conceptualised, strategised and supervised by Deepa Sai, the founder of ecoHQ

The article is authored by Anik who comes with 4+ years of experience in the film and web series industry. He specializes in content, communications, and marketing strategies. As a writer, he enjoys deep diving with his work in the Sustainability sector in various industries. When he is not busy writing or strategizing, he enjoys watching films, cooking, and reading novels. 

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